Welcome Fisher into this world!

Today (October 6, 2016) I would like to welcome the birth of my first child, a little boy named Fisher King. This is that start of the brewingdad blog, and hopefully a great chronicle of the life and trials of a dad and brewer. I know that he will keep me very busy, which will likely take away from the free time available to brew. That being said, I cannot wait to continue my hobby as brewer while also being a full-time dad (also a hydrogeologist too)!


I hope you enjoy my documentation of brewing activities, and that you can tolerate the rants and ramblings that come along with being a new dad. Enjoy the blog and leave your thoughts and comments for others to enjoy as well.

P.S. I didn’t post this immediately after Fisher was born, but rather post-date the posting a few days later after we had settled at home. 


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