Upcoming Brewery Enhancements

Today I was thinking a bit about some upcoming project/upgrades I wanted to add to the brewhouse. These are pretty minor upgrades and improvements to keep things working better pre-, post-, and during fermentation. Here’s a list of the things that I want to get done soon…

  1. Build Garden Sprayer attachement for draft line cleaner.
  2. Setup a Carboy Thermowell to use with fermentation temperature control.
  3. Find appropriate lids for my kettles.
    • HLT – 12.25″
    • MT – 12.5″
  4. Insulate MLT keg using reflectix insulation from Home Depot, hopefully making direct fire during the mash not necessary.
  5. Develop a better seal for my MiniBrew conical. Do a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of the plastic to ensure no bacterial infection is present.

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