Brett Lager Exbeeriment

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So the scientist in me is getting going and wanting to do something a bit out of the ordinary. With my foray into mix fermentations lately, I have ended up with some interesting flavors and combinations. And clearly, I am not too worried about calling it when it doesn’t work out (see coffee Porter attempt).

For this next beer, I am going to brew a pretty typical farmhouse lager. I am going to use the White Labs San Francisco Lager strain (WLP810), which ferments well at near ale temperatures and produce a clean lager character. For a secondary fermentation, I am going to let Brett Claussenii (WLP645) go to work and do its thing… This is typically a “low intensity” Brett strain, producing fruity and pineapple character, rather than horseblanket or other earthy Brett flavors. I think that this will pair nicely in the farmhouse style lager, making a complex, but easy drinking sour ale.

So far, I’ve got the yeasts going… Slowly stepping them up to their required pitch rates for the lager primary and Brett secondary fermentations. At each phase of the yeast propagation, both the sacc. and Brett. have created some really great flavors. I ink when actually put into a nicely balance farmhouse ale, the result could be wonderful!

I’m hoping to brew the beer this weekend while my in-laws are in town. My father-in-law always seems keen to help brew, so it makes for a great way for us to hang out. I will post a brew-day update along with a recipe once that is all ironed out…

(Yeast propagation of San Francisco Lager and Brettanomyces Claussinii)

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