Resolution Progress Update #1

So, like any New Year’s resolutions, I am off to a strong start to the year. Here is my latest updates…

Read the C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy

I have asked several friends and found several copies of the trilogy that people were willing to loan me. I am going to borrow them form one of Miranda’s co-workers, so I have to wait until she goes into the office…then I should be off to the reading!

Ride a full cycling century (100 miles)

I went ahead and signed up for a century ride right away, to use as motivation to start a training regimen and get back into riding shape. I signed up for the Elephant Rock Century. It is a ride that I have done portions of before (metric century route), so I’m familiar with the terrain and think it will be a good one to start out on. However, this is an early ride for the year (June 4th), so that heat is on to get back in shape. I’m hoping to use some of the unseasonably warm winter weather (if it sticks around) to get out riding while I have a chance.

Also, if you’re interested in joining me for the ride, please let me know so that we can plan on making a go of it together!

So Happy New Year to all and lets to ride!


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