Bottle Share and Dreg Capture

Hey there fellow beer lovers. I am organizing a sour beer bottle share, with the intent of collecting bottle dregs to then use in a sour beer that I will brew. Here’s how it works:

  1. Gather up your favorite sour beers that contain dregs.
  2. Check if the bottles contain harvestable dregs (sacc, brett, & bacteria). See the Mad Fermentationist website for a good list, or contact the brewer.
  3. Fill out the Doodle to pick dates that work for you.
  4. Come hang out and drink beers with a bunch of guys who love good sour beer! I will then step up the starter dregs into a quantity that we can use to brew/age the beer.
  5. Come hang out a second time for me to brew the base beer for future souring. Probably do something like the Russian River Consecration clone as a base beer or maybe use the Rare Barrel Dark base beer recipe.
  6. Ferment out the beer and set it aside for aging with the shared bottle dregs.
  7. Wait 9-12 months…with periodic tastings every 3 or so months.
  8. Come back over to enjoy the final product, a delicious (hopefully) dark sour ale that you had a hand in creating.

Let me know if you are interested in participating! If so, join the Google Doodle and let me know when is a good time for you to participate in a bottle share would be. You can access the Doodle from the link below:

Thanks for joining in or just checking out blog! Stay Sour…

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