Hoppy Berliner Weiss

Here’s a shot of my latest offering… a “hoppy” Berliner Weiss. Though not hoppy by most standards, this is definitely out of style. This beer was only dry-hopped, as to not limit the lactobacillus souring. Probably too hoppy and not tart enough for the BJCP, but it’s just fine by me! Here are my initial impressions of the beer…

First Tasting Notes:

1/12/2017 – Golden straw color, thick head dissipating quickly, subtle lactic tartness and bready aroma. Crisp and clean flavor with light lactic tartness and some light grassy bitterness.

Not sure about this description…. let me know and I will gladly let you come by to perform your own personal evaluation. We aren’t in the typical mid-summer BW season, but I think you will find this quite refreshing and easy to drink!

5 gallons… come get it before it’s gone!

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