Ahh…the controversy…

This morning, when I was eating breakfast, I stumbled upon an interesting article from Relevant Magazine, titled: It’s Time for Christians to Start Taking Climate Change Seriously; It’s a pro-life issue. The tag on the Facebook post said, “What it means to be fully pro-life.” I quickly read through the article, which I thought was reasoned and fairly well put together. Then, I started to read the comments….whew, things descended quickly…

I want to briefly address to climate science…then will dip my toe into addressing my thoughts on the general tone of the comments…bear with me please. Here goes:

  • The science is NOT still out on global warming. Anthropogenic climate change, or human-caused, is a well documented fact. The warming began at the start of the industrial revolution, which also coincided with the widespread use of fossil fuels as a source of energy.
  • Christians have an imperative to be voices of reason in this debate for two reasons, 1) we are charged to care for this planet (Genesis 9:11-13), and 2) for our witness to remain effective we should be implored to engage in meaningful discussion of facts as they truly are.
  • Using local, or short-term climatic variability as a fact to deny global warming shows only one thing, a poor understanding of the science. There are so many local and regional factors that impact climate, but for global warming to be understood it must be viewed from a global perspective.
  • As Christians, we have an obligation or calling to care for God’s creatures. That means the many millions of people that are vulnerable to sea-level rise, desertification, changes in disease patterns, water shortages, etc… We must wisely act to help mitigate the impacts of global warming, both in the interest of self preservation, and out of duty to help our fellow man.

I think that is enough for my ranting today, as it is still early and I have to drive to work, it is probably best to keep my blood pressure to a reasonable level. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you have questions or want to discuss this, I would be happy to do so on a personal, one-on-one basis.

Have a great day!


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