2018 Brew Ideas

Today I was thinking a bit about what I want to brew for 2018. Call it a New Year’s resolution, call it a working plan, or just a sketch of what I think I will try to tackle this year. The beers are in no particular order, and what I brew and when will likely be the result of the tug between what my wife wants, what events I have to brew for, and/or if I want to enter something in competition. Here is a quick list of what I want to brew in the coming year…
Gluten-Reduced Coconut Imperial Brown Ale or Porter

     Porter (White Labs Recipe)

     Imperial Brown Ale, not overly hoppy (Idea #1, Idea #2)
Munich Helles
I have been wanting to brew a traditional German lager beer since I have gotten my new chest freezer up and going. Since I can now cold age beers, I thought it would be good try doing a traditionally lagered beer. I am thinking of going with a recipe based off of the Munich Helles from the Brulosophy podcast. However, their recipe uses an ale yeast, but I will probably stick to a more traditional lager yeast (WLP860), or WY2206:Bavarian Lager

Here is their recipe that I will probably base my beer from: Munich Helles

NE IPA with Citra and Mosaic Hops
I am stilling playing around with recipes, but definitely want to brew on of these this year. Depending on how popular it is around the house, it may deserve a few iterations… I will probably base my recipe on the Mad Fermentationist recipe as a starting point, check it out here: LINK.
Vienna Lager/Negra Modelo Clone
I brewed on of these a few years ago (at ale temps), which turned our great. Now that I have lager capabilities, I want to give it another go. Also, I plan to finish the beer with gelatin for sparkling clarity (sorry to my vegan friends). (Recipe)
Crushable Cream Ale (LINK)
I made a coconut cream ale in 2017 that I wasn’t completely satisfied with…so I’m going to give the style another go… I think I’ll go with a tried-and-true recipe from the guys at the Experimental Brewing podcast…the “I Dream of Jenny Cream Ale“.
Kettle Sour with GoodBelly Starter
I’ve wanted to brew a kettle sour sometime soon, just to try out another method. I ran across this recipe from the folks at Goodbelly, whose Lacto culture I will grow up from their probiotics. I plan to try the recipe close to how its listed; however, I might also go for a fruit re-fermentation after the primary fermentation has completed.
Beatification Clone
Dr. Lambic and the Mad Fermentationist have given me ideas to do a clone of Russian River’s Beatification. It sounds like a great beer, and will be a good brett beer for this year. Here are their respective recipes: Sour Beer Blog & Mad Fermentationist
Milk the Funk Berliner Weissbier
I’ve thought about brewing a berliner weissbier for some time, possibly as a kettle sour. However, I think I’ll stick with a seasoned recipe from Milk to Funk instead. You can check out the recipe here: LINK I may also fruit the beer…possibly blueberries, or something that the local farmers market has in the over-ripe bin.

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