Next Up: Märzen/Oktoberfest Lager

I’ve been on a lager kick lately, with a vienna lager recently under my belt and a pilsner almost complete with primary fermentation. I’m thinking ahead a bit more to fall and thought it would be a great time to do a traditional lager for a Märzen/Oktoberfest lager.

With plenty of room in the chest freezer, I feel comfortable making this style and giving it plenty of time to condition… well a month is good in my book!

My plan for this one is something like this…

75% Maris Otter Pale Malt
10% Vienna
10% Munich
5% Carafe III, for color
Tettnanger, 18 IBUs @ 60 min
Hallertauer, 7 IBUs @ 15 min
Oktoberfest/Märzen (WLP#820) Yeast

I’ll probably go with a “quick lager” fermentation schedule, to make sure I have enough time for conditioning for an early-October debut. I will try to remember to post a brew-day update to let you know how its going…

Come early October, keep an eye on the blog and Facebook to find out when the beer is ready. All who read this are welcome to come sample!



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