Brewing Internship

As part of the Regis Applied Craft Brewing program that I am currently taking, one of the program requirements is to conduct an internship at a local brewery. The internship is to give each of us a hands-on take at what its like to work at a brewery. We are told that the internship can look like anything we are interested in within the “brewing realm”. I’m sure most people will pursue a hands-on brewing oriented internship to learn first-hand what its like to work in a brewery. That is certainly my intention with the internship.

The internship is supposed to include at least 120 hours in a brewery, and can be tailored to suit our interests. Of course, I wanted to do an internship somewhere I could get a lot of hands-on experience in all aspects of a brew house, including: wort production, fermentation, cellaring, etc.. To document our internship experience, we are required to keep a journal or blog of the days we spend at the brewery to show what we have learned along the way. Fortunately, over the years I have developed friendships with a number of local breweries which should allow me to have an internship where I can learn a ton and help out one of my favorite local breweries.

After talking with a number of local brewers, an opportunity came up to jump in head first at a brewery and both do my internship hours and help out a brewer and friend when they needed some extra help in the brewhouse. I have been told to expect to be put to work right away and to be thrown in the deep-end. After talking with the head brewer, I am really excited to get started in a brewery and think that this will be an awesome learning experience.

Keep a look out for my next post, which will reveal the internship location and give a bit more insight into what I will be doing…


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