Brewery: Day 3 10/11/2018 Kegging and brew day help

Activities for the day…

Brew Day: Cherrywood smoked porter with blueberries for Pints for Prostates.

Additional work in transferring of fermented beer into brite tanks and kegging the last remaining beer from serving tank.

Take Aways for the day:
  1. Be mindful of environmental conditions, such spending 2-3 hours in the cold walk-in cooler. Dress appropriately and take frequent breaks to warm up!
  2. Harvesting yeast similar to homebrew; however, there is a much lower ratio of trub:yeast in commercial scale so it is easier to collect clean yeast.
  3. Yeast cell count with hemocytometer to determine repitxhing vialbity. Measured at 96% viability after one fermentation.

Kegging the last of some Touchdown Brown out of the serving tank.Keg Filling Touchdown Brown

Hop storage at the back of the walk-in cooler. Scale to weight hops and a oxygen-level meter to ensure adequate ventilation.Hop Storage in Cool Box

Bright/serving tanks in the walk-in cooler. Don’t be fooled like like 38 degrees and feels really cold compared to the brewhouse.Walkin-In Cooler & Brite Tanks

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