Brewery Day 4: Cellar and Cleaning Day

Today happened to be a pretty light, quick day in the brewhouse. This was nice after a few long/hard days last week. I had one MAJOR improvement today… I put the insoles from my shoes into the rubber boots I had been wearing last week. It was a total game changer!
For today’s tasks we had quite a bit of cleaning and sanitizing in preparation for upcoming tank transfers and tomorrow’s brew day. I feel like I’m getting the hang of things more and am getting more comfortable with the equipment. I’m also now prepared and used to working in the walk-in cooler. I brought in my Carhartt jacket, which makes a huge difference in me being able to work comfortably for longer periods in there…. after all, someone has to move the kegs out of the way to get at all those precious hops…
Hop Storage
One fun thing I got to do today was to add the blueberries to the Smoked Porter that I helped brew last week. This is for the latest in Joyride’s Pints For Prostates series, a Blueberry Cherrywood Smoked Porter. The puree was added by filling the yeast brink with an Oregon Fruit aseptic blueberry puree and using CO2 to push the puree into the fermenter to mix with the beer. I don’t remember exactly but I believe it was 60 gallons of puree into a 10 BBL batch of beer.
The addition of the fruits and sugars into the beer should kick off another round of fermentation and result in a really tasty beer! I can’t wait to see the results of a beer I will have been around for start to finish! This beer will be served at the November 10th at the Joyride Pints For Prostate’s Fundraiser…come give it a try!!!
After adding the fruit, there were a few things to clean and prep for tomorrow’s brew day. It was nice to get done a bit early….and to get done feeling great because you have insoles in your boots and don’t feel like you’ve been on bare concrete for the entire day.
I can’t wait to be back tomorrow!
– Jared

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