Brewery Day 5: “No Simple Highway”

Today was a brew day for the upcoming “No Simple Highway” release; a saison co-fermented with brettanomyces.
Most of my day was spent in moving around beer in the cellar, cleaning draft lines, kegging, and washing kegs. Here are a few sample pictures from the day.
Photo descriptions:
1. Double keg washer, built by Dave’s father-in-law to automatically run through rinse, clean/sanitize, and drain cycles.
2. Brewer Kyle mashing in “No Scenic Highway”
3. Brewery sink where lots of cleaning and sanitizing takes place each day.
4. Mash tun brew stand.
5. Plate chiller with a pretty dramatic ability to drop temps from near boiling to 70F in one quick pass. Impressive!
6. Me and Kyle enjoying some of the left-over cold brew coffee used in last week’s brew.

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