Brewery Day 9: Utility Man

Helping out around the brewery has been great, and as I’ve gotten a hang of things I am able too help out in more ways around the brewery. I’ve got the hang of keg washing, filling kegs, taking all sorts of measurements, and the general flow of things on a brew day. This is great, as I can help out the brewers in more ways during the brew day…or jump in and help out easily when needed.

Today I spent a good portion of the morning kegging off the last 6 barrels of Good Day For It, at cinnamon, vanilla, coffee, stout. This has been one of my favorite beers I’ve seen through the production cycle while interning. This gave me some good practice in kegging and feeling confident in the cellaring aspect of a brewery’s operations.

Tomorrow is a day off, and Thursday I’ll be jumping in on another brew day.


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