Brewery Day 10: Halloween Brew Day

On Halloween yesterday, I went into the brewery for a brew day with Dave. Joyride is preparing two of their holiday beers; Naughty & Nice Porters. Yesterday was the Naughty Porter brew day.

Since it was just me and Dave in the brewery, there was a lot to do! From grain-in to flame-out, I was assisting Dave making the beer. I am really getting the hang of the brew-day operations at the brewery and definitely have the flow of the brewery down. Still some of the specific protocols are not first nature… i.e. how much sani to mix in the different fermenters prior to a beer transfer. Thankfully, they have some great SOPs to help remind me the specifics and Dave is super helpful to remind me.

I’ve picked up quite a few nuggets of brewing wisdom around the brewery. Anything from how best to connect/disconnect pressurized hoses, to maintaining simplicity in your grain bill, to how to account for alpha acid variations when adding hops from different lots. It has so far been a great learning experience and I’m sure will continue to be a great connection once I’m done with the internship.

As it was Halloween, I got to help with the social media post of the day and help put together the “Monster Mash” scene for the photo. I’m sure the monsters loved this malty sweet, but also roasty grain bill.


All-in-all it was a great day at the brewery, and I’m really excited for the beer in a few weeks!


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