Day 11: Colorado Craft Brewers Summit

Last Monday Joyride was kind enough to bring me along to the Colorado Craft Brewer’s Summit in Fort Collins. This is the annual technical conference for Colorado craft brewers. This was put on by the Colorado Brewer’s Guild and sponsored by the Brewers Association and a variety of other companies which support craft beer in Colorado.

This was a great chance to get a glimpse into the industry and get to see the camaraderie and cooperation between the brewers in Colorado. I was very encouraged to see how supportive small brewers are of one another in this state…and it makes me excited to enter this industry in our state.

I also got to attend a number of great technical talks, which really helped me see what its like to be a brewer in Colorado. Below is an outline of the talks that I attended, most of which were included in the Technical Brewing track:

Keynote: Exciting Safety Resources for Brewers – Matt Stinchfield, Brewers Association

“Enough about hops, let’s talk about malt” – Aaron Steuk, BJ’s Brewhouse; Todd Olander, Root Shoot Malting; Jake Capron, Proximity Malt.

“Custom Sensory Analysis Programs” – Chad Jakobson, Crooked Stave; Chris Labbe, Periodic Brewing; Mark Wingert, Left Hand Brewing.

“Innovative Recipe Formulation” – Niel Fisher, Weldworks; Brian Hutchinson, Cannonball Creek; John Sims, Wynkoop.

Keynote: “Fans, Hands, and Brands: Strategies and Tactics for Being Inclusive and Building Diversity in Craft Beer” – Dr. J. Nikol Jackson-Beckham, Diversity Ambassador, Brewers Association.

This was a really great event, with lots of learning opportunities and a chance to meet a bunch of folks in the industry. I will admit that I was a little starstruck when I realized that Neil Fisher from Weldworks was sitting right behind me for the morning keynote address. He is incredibly friendly and was great to meet!

It was also fun to check out the vendor exhibits and see all the cool stuff available for brewers in Colorado. I will say that Matt Peetz and Propagate Labs had the best schwag at the show…a home yeast wrangling kit. I’m excited to capture some yeast and see if its anything worth brewing with.

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