Day 17: Tank Cleaning

Today was a short day in the brewhouse, as some of the chemicals needed to run the keg washer were out. Fortunately, I got quite a few kegs cleaned earlier in the week, so no big deal to miss out on a half day of keg washing.

Since I mentioned chemicals, I thought it would be interesting to show the chemicals in the brewhouse to highlight a few things:

  1. Many different chemicals, for many different uses.
  2. Volumes used are much larger than the homebrew scale.
  3. For CIP cleaning, often much stronger chemicals are used than you would use homebrewing.
  4. There is a lot to keep track of, so a great “cheat sheet” is placed on the wall to remind you of chemical quantities and dilutions to use for each chemical/application.

Here are a few of the chemicals, just to name a few: Saniclean, PBW, caustic, peracetic acid, and a few others which are used occasionally for tank passivation or other deep cleans.

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