2019 Resolutions: Brewing & Reading

It’s a day early still, but while I’m thinking about it, I thought it best to get my resolutions for 2019 down on paper. My main resolutions this year are grouped into two areas: 1) brewing and 2) reading. Here is a quick summary, while I’ve provided more details below for what I have in mind right now…

Brew One New Beer Each Month
Read One Book Per Month

Brew One New Beer Each Month
For new beers to brew in 2019, I pretty much always keep a running list of what I want to brew, so this was pretty easy to round out into a list of 12 to brew this year. Hopefully, I won’t be limited to this list and will find time to brew other things as well. I would love to hear your thoughts on how I should actually make these beers happen. And also, please shoot me a line if you want to get in on a brew day or help sample one of these beers!

  • Mango/Tamarind/Ginger NEIPA
  • Spiced Milk Stout
  • Munich Helles Lager
  • Coconut Porter (need to think of a way to make this new this year)
  • Chocolate Schwarzbier
  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone
  • Vienna Lager
  • Tropical Porter & Coffee Porter
  • Berliner Weisse
  • E.S.B. (Fullers or Ska Clone)
  • California Common
  • American Brown Ale, spiced/fruited

So that is it for my current 2019 brew list…I’m sure it will chance and I’ll feel like mixing it up a bit, though that’s how I’m planning to start for now. Also, CO-Brew in Denver is also starting up a yeast-of-the-month club this year, to get one fresh yeast strain each month for brewing. I’m thinking of signing up for this so that I have fresh yeast pre-paid at a discount for each new brew. This will also allow me to stock up on my yeast bank for the year!

I would also like to have a more consistent routine of reading. In the past, I’ve been a voracious reader and it was one of the best calming, centering activities for me. So this year I want to make it a priority to read more books and consume less disposable media, news, and social media feeds. I think the best way to do that is to get excited about a few books to read this year. Here’s my list:

Read One Book Per Month
1. A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived, started on 12/29/2018
2. Paddle Your Own Canoe: Nick Offerman
3. Brewing Ingredients: Malt
4. The End’s of the World: Peter Brannan
5. Brewing Ingredients: Hops
6. Amazing Grace; Eric Metaxis
7. Brewing Ingredients: Water
8. In the Distance by Hernan Diaz
9. Brewing Ingredients: Yeast
10. Session Beers: Brewing for Flavor and Balance
11. Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations
12. Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery

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