Mash Out & Wine Must

This week I got to help out with brewing River North’s Anniversary Ale 7, a Belgian-style bière de brut brewed with Sauvignon blanc grape must. Bone dry and ridiculously bubbly, this champagne-like brew will serve as the centerpiece to next month’s anniversary party.

In addition to helping with the mashout…I was also able to catch a peak at two of the brewers adding the sauvignon blanc wine must into the whirlpool. It is cool to see even production-focused breweries get creative with their beers. I’ve seen this alot at River North…between anniversary series beers, one-off dry hopping, and a great selection of barrel-aged seasonals I would say that I’ve gotten to see a lot of the creativity that can come working at a brewery. The brewers, owner, cellarmen, and sales staff are all included in the creative process, which makes it a really fun and creative place to be working.

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