Canning Oversight

As I’m gaining more time at the brewery, I am learning and getting more proficient at the operations of the canning line. I now am feeling very comfortable operating the line and understanding when and where faults occur. Beyond just keeping the system working, I am slowly learning how to adjust settings to make thing run more smoothly. This often involves setting a timer delay on the fill heads so that cans don’t back up prior to the seamer.

The River North brewing team has a pretty high standard for canning, to ensure that there is little to no oxygen ingress during the process. I feel like it has been good to see how a canning line runs from brewers who have such a high quality standard. I am given full ability to pull cans which may have had even just a bit too much oxygen exposure prior to seaming.

Below are a few pics from a double-batch canning day. A quick run of Pilsner was followed by a cleaning cycle and full run of Hazy IPA.


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