Cleaning a Heat Exchanger

Today I got to take apart and clean the Heat Exchanger at Goldspot Brewing. After a very slow runoff we decided that the hop material and broken bag of pink peppercorns might be causing problems with flow through the plates.

This was a great chance for me to learn how the heat exchanger is put together and to learn how it can be serviced. I was amazed that even a small HeatX like this has so many parts. The most difficult part was in trying not to damage the rubber gasket when assembling and disassembling the plates.

It was clear that the broken peppercorn bag had caused peppercorns to clog the plates. This clog also led to slower flow and the deposition of hop material throughout the plates. Below are some pictures of the plates prior to being scrubbed and cleaned…

In all, this was a fun afternoon project and a good way to learn more about how heat exchangers function on a commercial level.

I know this will not be my last heat exchanger rebuild, so I’m glad to see it first hand!

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