Internship Take-Aways

I have compiled a list of a few take-aways that I have gathered from my time spent at Joyride and River North breweries. Some of these things were insights passed down from brewers, or things I picked up along the way…

  1. Before you do anything, take a second and consider the implication. A few additional seconds of thought are worth it every time compared to having to dump a batch or potentially causing an injury.
  2. Follow the flow. Anytime you are working with pumps and pressures, it’s important to track through the hoses, pumps, valves and fittings to confirm that the water, wort, or beer is going where you intend.
  3. There is a big learning curve when starting out at any brewery. Everyone’s operations are slightly different, and the hazards can change from task-to-task and day-to-day. If you have questions, ask….don’t assume or take a chance.
  4. Professional brewing is really only different from homebrewing in two ways: a) everything is a much larger scale, b) the implications of dumping a batch or having an issue are much greater, professionally and financially.
  5. Safety, Safety, Safety….brewers like to have fun, and make great beer, but first and foremost safety of yourself, co-workers, and the consumer should always be on your mind and your #1 concern.

I am sure that there are many more tidbits of information I could include in this list. And certainly there are quite a few practical skills that I’ve picked up at both Joyride and River North. Working with the brewers at each of these places has been a great experience. And on the plus side, this experience has led to two part-time brewing positions. So I’m not working as a professional brewer part-time at River North and Goldspot. Come on into the brewery, say Hi, and see what new things we are brewing!

– Jared

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