Jared – Bio

In early 2012, after watching my father home brew for a few years, I decided to give it a go myself. Starting out with a simple extract kit from The Brew Hut, I got going on my first brew, a simple ESB. Little did I know that this would turn into a true passion and intense hobby. Whether it is always looking for new recipes, try new styles, or improve my brewing equipment…there is always something new to do with brewing. The creativity, trial and error, and of course the end-product are all things that I love about brewing. Beer and brewing has become a passion of mine.

Just a few weeks ago, October 6, 2016, Miranda and I were greeted by our first child. Fisher came in quickly and has upended our lives (for the better). I am excited to welcome him into this brewing family, and eager to watch him grow. He may slow down my brewing to some extent but I am excited to be first a father and husband, then a brewer!


Thank you for reading my website, checking out what I’m brewing, and seeing what new things are in order at King Brewing! If you’re reading this, then I will gladly extending you an invitation by the house to try one of my latest brews.