Private Party/Event Brewing

I can brew for your private event! Have you ever wanted a custom beer to serve at a party, or do you have an idea for a particular unique brew, but are unable to make that beer yourself?

You are in luck! I can help you brew that beer, giving your event or party a fun unique experience of having a custom draft beer to share.

A few conditions are required for me to brew your beer…

  1. This beer is NOT for sale!
  2. This beer is for your personal consumption only.
  3. The event must be private, both in attendance and publication (i.e. invite only).
  4. The beer cannot be served by a designated person, rather it must be a “serve-yourself” event.
  5. Tips and gifts cannot be given in exchange for the beer.
  6. The venue where its being served must be alright with serving your own alcohol.

Here’s how it works…

  1. We discuss the event, timing, quantity, and style of beer you would like.
  2. A recipe is agreed upon together, with your input. This will determine the raw materials cost of the beer.
  3. A date is set for the brew day, with you and your friends welcome to attend.
  4. I will procure the required ingredients (for reimbursement) and begin whats needed prior to brew day (i.e. cleaning, yeast starters, adjunct additions).
  5. Brew Day: plan 4-5 hours if you want to participate in the whole process.
  6. The beer will ferment in my cellar for approximately 6 weeks (depending on the style).
  7. I will carbonate and cool the beer prior to your event.
  8. Event Day: I will arrive to setup the beer station at your convenance and provide instructions for serving the beer. To avoid legal issues, it will be best for me to attend the event as a “friend who made your beer“!

So, after all that, if you’re still interested in me making some beer for your event, please contact me using the form below and we can begin to discuss brewing plans for your upcoming event.

Thanks and I look forward to brewing beer with you!

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