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Great visit from old friends!

Today one of my oldest friends came by with his wife and daughter to meet our little Fisher (and drink some of my beer).  It was such a pleasure to have Craig, Clare, and Lydia come visit this afternoon. It was fun to hang out both in a very new stage of our lives. Thanks for coming over! 

BrewingDad Updates!

I know it has been a long time, and I don’t expect that anyone is actually following by blog…however, I have finally gotten around to updating by Brewing Log/Recipes page. Check it out for the basic info on all of the beers I have brewed. I will eventually get the individual detailed brewing logs linked to each recipe…but that might…

Welcome Fisher into this world!

Today (October 6, 2016) I would like to welcome the birth of my first child, a little boy named Fisher King. This is that start of the brewingdad blog, and hopefully a great chronicle of the life and trials of a dad and brewer. I know that he will keep me very busy, which will likely take away from the…